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Clancy-Smith Theatre

I am passionate about musical theatre and try and see as many musicals, plays, operas, concerts and movies as our budget permits. Several years ago I began purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster Groups and this has expanded to other venues. 

In 2021 with some changes announced by Ticketmaster groups and also the demand for tickets I've decided to keep my friends and anyone who wants to listen, informed about musical theatre in Australia and on the odd occasion around the globe.

The pandemic has had a detrimental impact the live theatre industry and we're fortunate that since November 2020 musical theatre in Australia reopened and we have been able to get back into the theatre and enjoy some pretty amazing shows since then.

So join us as we continue our passion to see shows and hopefully bring you along for the experience, if not at the same performance but hopefully the same production before it moves interstate or closes.

See you in the theatre

Image by Rob Laughter
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